Evaluation Procedures 

 All evaluation procedures are processed through an online submission system. However, in exceptional cases, email and mail (including fax) may be used. 

Major Field Evaluation Stages and Evaluation Periods

The paper evaluation stage is divided into first, second, and third evaluations. The first evaluation period of the paper evaluation committee is 15 days, and subsequent stages are 10 days as a general rule, but it may be extended at the request of the evaluation committee.


Appointment of Major Field Evaluation Committee Members

The submitted paper is evaluated by three evaluation committee members under the supervision of the editorial director. The editorial director selects the evaluation committee members considering their major field, evaluation experience, research performance, career, etc. The selection of evaluation committee members from the same institution as the author is excluded as a principle, and the editorial director seeks to ensure the autonomy of the evaluation committee members for papers submitted by the society's executives and editorial board members. When appointing evaluation committee members, if possible, one member is appointed from the editorial board, and the evaluation committee members are anonymous.


Expert Review and Acceptance Decision

The submitted paper undergoes an expert review based on the content, and is assessed for suitability in each specific subfield of the major subject area. The review follows the evaluation criteria, and the decision is made to classify the paper as (A) publishable, (B) require revisions and resubmission, (C) require revisions and re-review, or (D) not publishable. If a re-review is necessary, the same reviewers will conduct the review process.


Editorial Review and Publication Decision

If all reviewers agree that the paper is publishable, the editorial board will assess the paper for its suitability to the scope and aim of the journal, based on the recommended revisions. The editorial board then makes a final decision on the publication of the paper, either as publishable or not publishable.

Other Policies

1) If even one reviewer decides that a paper is not publishable, the paper will be classified as not publishable. If the author objects to the decision, they may submit a request for reconsideration, which will be evaluated by the editorial board. The board will appoint five reviewers based on their expertise, and a decision will be made by majority vote. If a paper is re-reviewed and accepted as publishable, it cannot be published in the same issue or volume as the original decision. The new reviewers will be appointed for the re-review process.

2) Papers that are deemed not publishable by two or more reviewers, papers that have already been rejected and resubmitted or re-reviewed, and papers that are rejected during the editorial review process cannot be submitted for reconsideration or re-review.