Journal Website

The URL address of journal web site is


Name of Journal

The official journal title is Journal of the Korean Data Analysis Society ("JKDAS").

The abbreviated title is J. Kor. Data Anal. Soc.


Submission Eligibility

In principle, submissions are limited to members of KDAS society. However, exceptions are made for co-authors and invited contributors who are not members.


Types of Manuscript

The JKDAS accepts original research papers, including General Study Papers and Case Study Papers. General Study Papers primarily concentrate on academic theoretical research and innovative applied research in statistical data analysis, whereas Case Study Papers emphasize practical applied research and real-life case studies related to statistical data analysis.


Peer Review Process

Upon receiving a paper manuscript, JKDAS editors will perform a plagiarism check and then choose an editor whose area of expertise aligns with the paper's subject matter. This editor will commence the manuscript review process by appointing a minimum of three reviewers. Reviewers may request modifications or revisions to the manuscript content. If all reviewers in the relevant field recommend acceptance of the paper, the decision to accept it is made, and the editorial committee will review and deliberate whether the paper is appropriate for the purpose and scope of the journal before making the final decision on publication.


Publication Dates

The journal publishes six issues per year on the following dates: February 28th, April 30th, June 30th, August 31st, October 31st, and December 31st.

Author Fees

1. Publication fee

The basic publication fee for a regular paper is 200,000 KRW per 12 pages, and 300,000 KRW for research grant recipients. An additional 10,000 KRW will be charged per page exceeding 1 page.

※ Maximum length of the paper: 20 pages

2. Annual membership fee

Regular members: 50,000 KRW, undergraduate and master's degree students: 30,000 KRW

The membership fee is paid only in the year of submission, not every year.

3. New membership fee

50,000 KRW (One-time payment for a lifetime)

 Undergraduate and master's degree students are temporarily exempt, but when they become regular members, they must pay the new membership fee once.


Copyright and Licensing

The author is solely responsible for the content of the published paper and assigns all forms of publication and distribution rights, including copyright, to the society for all published papers in the journal. Therefore, the society owns the copyright of published papers.


JKDAS is a open access journal.